Doodle dump!! (^ν^)

Spent the whole day watching Steven Universe, free, ywpd and haikyuu!!

LOOKIT!! cute friends cute art!!!

Track: Patient Patient
Artist: The Morning Benders
Album: Talking Through Tin Cans (Bonus Track Version)


Patient Patient - The Morning Benders

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Track: Sweater Weather (Acoustic)
Artist: The Neighbourhood

Sweater Weather (Acoustic) | The Neighbourhood

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calm down  animal crossing edition by Rylie.Michelle

☼ 01. New Leaf-Tree Theme///02. Wild World-The Roost///03. K.K Moody///04. Animal Crossing-1pm///05. New Leaf-8pm(orchestral)///06. City Folk-1am///07. New Leaf-2am///08. New Leaf-1am+Rainymood///09. City Folk-City (Nighttime)///10. New Leaf-7pm///11. Animal Crossing-Title///12. Wild World-Title (Extended)///13. City Folk-City (Daytime) ☼

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lineplay doodles of me babbies mista wibbles and kelsoy sauce :9

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man i needa find more of my main bouy

man i needa find more of my main bouy

Anonymous asked: Do you plan on attending art school after high school?

yeah hopefully!! im super srs about getting into a good art college and be a big kid so im tryin my best to keep my grades up this year >:B

Anonymous asked: i rly love your art it's great and beautiful just like you ;u; i hope you have a nice day! 'u'

OH MY GOsh ur too sweet ;0; thank you!! i needed a lil booster, kissus

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gross otp twitter junk

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Track: Love Lab

Album: Rhythm Heaven


Rhythm Heaven
Love Lab

Track: Keep Your Head Up!!
Artist: MilkCan
Album: Make it Sweet!


Milkcan- Keep Your Head Up!!

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World/Inferno Friendship Society - Dolce Far Niete

Oh man! This sounds amazing!! I preordered the album today!!!

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